Keston Showman's Park, Layhams Rd,
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Before you book equipment from us you're sure to have questions. Here's some useful information to get you started.

What sort of rides and equipment can I choose from?

We can supply any type of amusement you want: from games, 'hook-a-duck' type stalls to slides and inflatables; Modern or traditional including food stalls If you are not sure the name of the ride or game just send a photo and we will identify it.

Can you provide rides just for children?

Yes we can. Just tell us the age group and we'll tell you the options.

How much does it cost?

Every event and booking is different, so if you give us a few details we'll be able to provide you with a quote. If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we'll help you make the most of it.

What sort of information do you need from me, if I want to make a booking?

The first things we'll ask are: where and when, weekend or weekday? After that, we'll need to know a bit more about your event, what type of rides or equipment you're after (if you know) and how long you'd like us to entertain your guests for. The size of the site and access to it are also important. But we can discuss specific details like these over the phone or, better still, in person. Just contact us to get started.

Are you a member of any trade organisation?

Yes: The Showmen's Guild of Great Britain. This guarantees we're a professional operator. Membership also ensures our equipment meets the highest industry and Heath & Safety Executive (HSE) regulated safety standards, and is comprehensively insured (including public liability).

Do you operate the ride/s yourself?

Yes. For health and safety, and insurance reasons, we alone and our trained staff operate the rides for the duration of the event. Given our experience, we're also uniquely qualified to do so.

Do you supply your own power?

Yes, we do. We bring our own specially designed generators and these provide all the power and light we need.

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Keston Showman's Park, Layhams Rd,
Keston, Kent, BR2 6AR

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