Keston Showman's Park, Layhams Rd,
Keston, Kent, BR2 6AR

Larger rides to hire

Below is a small selection of the rides we have available to hire, we will be adding more soon but if there isn't something that you are looking for just let us know as we will be able to supply it

Miami Trip

A great favourite at any function, sit with your friends in a row then spin and twist around 360 degrees.


Also known as Bumper Cars the dodgems have been entertaining children and adults alike for many years, we can provide dodgems from the traditional look to something more modern we are sure to have the right set for your requirements.

Waltzer Ride

A classic favourite for all ages the Waltzer is a traditional fairground favourite that has all the fun of the Fair, with a number of cars seating passengers, which spin independently on platforms, that gently rise and fall.

Fun House

With flashing lights, music and a great party atmosphere this is lots of fun to keep everyone entertained, featuring a rolling floor, spinning tunnel and more its sure to be a success .

Ghost Train

A timeless favourite for all, with its spooky dark tunnels and atmospheric music and maybe a surprise or two!


For both adults and Kids, this has been a favourite for years it Twists, is fast and loads of fun!

Rotor Ride

Passengers stand inside the large circular drum and as ride begins the drum will spin so fast so that when the floor drops away the passengers will still to the walls of the drum through gravity aloneand have the sensation of being lifted high.

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Keston Showman's Park, Layhams Rd,
Keston, Kent, BR2 6AR

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