Keston Showman's Park, Layhams Rd,
Keston, Kent, BR2 6AR

Traditional rides for hire

Below is a small selection of the rides we have available to hire, we will be adding more soon but if there isn't something that you are looking for just let us know as we will be able to supply it

Swing Boats

Swing boats are a Victorian classic, one of the most popular fairground attractions around for kids and adults alike! Allowing the rider to pull the ropes to sway through the air gently or not!

Helter Skelter

We have a great selection Helter Skelters meaning we can provide anything from the classic traditional Lighthouse style to the square shaped lattice design, we have just the right one for your event and your budget.

Candy FLoss Stall

A traditional fairground site, this adds that authentic fairground feel with a favourite tasty treat .


For generations, this has been a family favourite the Gallopers Carousel is a fun family ride that will bring joy and fun for all the family.

Adult Chairs

The larger version of a kids classic, a definite favourite and hours of fun.

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Keston Showman's Park, Layhams Rd,
Keston, Kent, BR2 6AR

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